Monday, September 24, 2007

Where art thou, oh eloquence?

So, I had a really weird experience this morning. I've been reading, hearing, and watching tidbits about SCHIP, this new piece of legislation that could ultimately (and probably will be, knowing our "lovely" president) be vetoed regarding healthcare for children in this country.

I am a subscriber to the ELCA's Advocacy Network, and they sent out a reminder to call your state representatives to encourage them to reauthorize this legislation in the senate, as it will come to a vote next week. This legislation could ensure 4 million children accessible health care insurance. I, of course, am a huge supporter of this bill as are apparently many others.

I decided I was going to do something about how I felt, so I called up the state capitol and asked to be connected to Barack Obama's office. The kind secretary (yeah right) put me on hold like 5 different times, interrupting me each time I was trying to voice my opinion on the matter. All of a sudden without any warning I was transfered to a different line and this voice came on and said "go ahead." I SWEAR IT SOUNDED LIKE BARACK OBAMA.

I suddenly was overcome with bewilderment at the remote chance I may be actually speaking to "the man" himself. My. mind. went. blank. I couldn't even speak, and I managed to spit out something like..."um,, I would like to state my opinon on the SCHIP would like you to support it...

Without hesitation: "I'll pass it on." Click.

Yeah, that was....embarassing.

I am torn. I am semi-freaked out and excited that I MAY have spoken to Barack Obama!? But, I also am hoping it WASN'T HIM (and probably wasn't, being that he is kinda busy running for president of the United States, and probably had a peon answering his calls) because I sounded like an ABSOLUTE DOOF. Also, that I would hope he would have a little more courtesy and manners than to hang-up on someone (even in they sounded like an ABSOLUTE DOOF.)

At any rate, I did do my small part by calling, and I encourage others to do the same. Someone has to stand up to our ABSOLUTE DOOF of a president.


Hodge Podge said...

Teehee! I would have done the same! I think it would be very enlightening to talk to Barack Obama...could I maintain my composure?...not bloody likely!

Thanks, Cousin!
I think this posts my other blog (I know I'm truly crazy)..

Hodge Podge said...

P.S. please forgive misspellings :o)
P.S.S. I love your blog title! I will write more later about that!!!